Bikes, Pancakes and a Blow Up Mattress

at the prompting of my friend amelia, vince and i found a weekend to say "no" to everything because...brilliance. seriously, our schedules are crazy and we rarely have a free weekend. there are times we go months without one and that can just be exhausting mentally and physically. so a "say no" weekend felt like an amazing idea and who doesn't want to be 2 years old again and hurl a toddlers favorite word around from time to time.

i was so excited about it but i had no idea it would be so awesome. it happened to be the weekend of vince's birthday so i went out to purchase his gift in the morning. the fact that he got his gift on his actual birthday is a feat in itself. i'm not good at gift giving and he is a gift giving guru. anyhoo, i went out that morning alone and i thoroughly enjoyed my time to myself just doing something normal.

after that, we laid around the living room and watched whatever. we literally blew up our blow up mattress, brought in the snacks and just watched random stuff all day from home remodeling shows to movies to movie previews (vince loves previews). i think my body was in shock so it took a bit for my brain to believe this was happening.

sunday i cooked a bigger breakfast than normal for him and jasmine. basically that means i included pancakes which they loved!! we went to church (almost didn't but so glad we did because it was awesome), ate with friends and returned home to relax some more. i had given him a gift before church and once he figured out the price, he was super excited. it was a bike, so we could ride together. we tested them out that afternoon and then just chilled!!

i don't have many pics from this weekend because i was busy enjoying it. sometimes you just gotta be in the moment you know? i know everyone is all about turning up now but we turned off and it was the best time. we now want to try to do it at least once a month! can't wait for octobers "say no" weekend.


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