friends shouldn't move

what do you do when your best friend tells you she is potentially moving for her dream job?

you cry. a lot. and you wipe snot on your husband’s shirt and he still holds you because that’s love.

i almost didn’t write this blog because really tamra should tell you about her amazing week (i will leave the details to her). but since we do this life ridiculously intertwined with each other, it made my week life changing too. 

i know plenty of friends live in different cities and that friendship doesn’t require the same zip code. but here’s the thing, tamra is my do whatever, need no schedule, random adventure, tell everything inappropriate to friend. at her house, there is no asking for…well...anything. only eating, wearing, “borrowing” and laughter. we do not schedule our time (for the most part). it just happens. it happens in a random tough work day that ends with tamra stopping by my place and consuming pizza, popsicles, fruit snacks, chicken and chips all whilst lamenting about everything that is wrong with life including weight gain. our memories happen when working out somehow turned into going to pick up a free couch in a truck with no air. in fact, i cant even tell you when tam became my best friend. much like everything else, it just happened. our friendship runs on spontaneity and you just cannot do that if you are not in the same city. 

so yes, i am so happy for her to be doing her dream. and i am happy that god gives us awesome weeks where everything changes in a good way and dreams come true quickly. but boy am i sad about having my friend leave. incredibly sad and i just needed to be able to say that, okay? okay.


photocred: Temi Coker

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