cleaning out our closets

i say this with the utmost affection and love, but my husband is a hoarder. he is just very sentimental and not the type to part with things that remind him of special moments or ones he acquired on a sunny day. poor thing. everytime he moved when we were dating, i tried to get him to part with things and he would with some stuff, but barely. finally, after being in our new house for over 6 months, he decided it was time to break down the boxes and go through stuff.

note: to be fair, i had quite a few boxes too, but the stuff i keep must be kept..must.

as we started going through stuff we realized that we were in trouble. it took us about 7 full days, countless bags and boxes and every iota of patience we had plus that in reserve. in the end, we estimate that we went through no fewer than 10,000 papers. we had piles for recycle (go green), shred, file, donate, etc. it was very unorganized madness, but we got through it. vince was relentless and threw away more stuff than i ever thought he would. oh me of little faith. we were both extremely tired and our bodies were sore, but it felt good to breathe. also, it was really cool to find stuff and tell each other stories about it. i learned so much about him from going through our junk and we laughed a lot.

hopefully we don’t pile it all back up with new memories. i love that i was pleasantly surprised and that he gained a newfound appreciation for minimalism. now he is obsessed and is constantly talking about how we need to go through more stuff and get rid of it. this post was about nothing and everything. basically, it just feels nice to be making our house into a semi-organized (no type A's), uncluttered home. and it meant something to me to do it together because we walked through memory lane, found things we didn’t know we had, learned about each other, but still let a lot go. purging from time to time is nice. that’s all.


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