Non-Dirty Thirty

i turned 30 last tuesday. let's pause and take a moment of silence for my metabolism and the good ole days when a cheeseburger didn’t cause instant cellulite. i was very vocal about not wanting a big 30th bash. after the wedding, honeymoon and philly reception, i was tired of celebrating me. thankfully rob listened to my request, the evening he planned was just perfect! 

we met up with a few friends, ate delicious food from really cool food trucks, had lots of laughs, ate more food and gushed over the beautiful view of downtown. i loved every minute of it. the best part of the night was riding bikes!!! i had wanted a bike since…like… forever and rob showed up with TWO bikes! i seriously could have torn him up right then and there. he'd listened to me complain about not having a bike for months so it was really big deal.

overall this one will go down in the history as one of my best birthdays ever, and not because it’s a milestone and is supposed to be memorable. i will value this birthday because i felt so blessed to celebrate it with my husband and friends in such a genuine no-fuss kind of way… and that was exactly what i wanted.  no fancy bash, no instagram pics, no “dirty thirty” hashtags…just the 7 of us and that was more than enough! here are some pixels from that night:

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