Winter Trip to DC: Print and Pixels

lots of our trips start with a text message or email about super cheap flights. we almost went to Memphis once because the tickets were $19 round trip. instead, we switched the tickets to DC because they were about $106 round trip. everyone kept asking us why we were going to DC in the winter and we just replied “cheap tickets. why not?” we are wired the same in that way and i really like the random adventure feeling that comes with it.

it turned out to be a really relaxing trip because there was little to no motivation to do a lot because of the cold. we only did a few things that were on our “must-see” list and spent the rest of the time catching up with good friends. vince is my favorite travel partner because he does all the heavy lifting and he pushes me to do stuff i might not ordinarily. maps and i aren’t friends and i’m a quintessential forth quarter fly by the seat of my pantyhoser. he plans, I enjoy. marriage is awesome.

here are a few pixels from our trip:

SOcial networks

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