happy bornday rob!

rob turned 30 last week!!! for months i’d been stressing about what to do for his birthday, i really wanted it to be special. with less than two weeks before the big day, i finally just broke down and asked him exactly what he wanted. to my surprise my husband had already made reservations for a birthday dinner, planned a weekend trip to Austin, a birthday cook-out, and had even bought himself a few gifts. he gets me. the restaurant he picked for dinner was super cute and the food was ah-mazing! during dinner i asked him for five nuggets (of wisdom not chicken) he would have shared with his younger self. Below is the paraphrased version of his response and a few pics from his birthday weekend!

ONE: live life with purpose and take advantage of the opportunities that God has set before you

TWO: someone is always watching, build a life of integrity and character in private and your actions will reflect that in public

THREE: life is a blur, don't take people or possessions for granted 

FOUR: don't compromise yourself, stick to your convictions…being yourself may ruffle feathers but it will most definitely take you farther

FIVE: don’t quit, pursue the dreams that god has placed inside your heart…He is faithful.

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