fat and happy

so, it’s official. robert and i have let ourselves go. we’re the biggest we’ve ever been and it doesn’t seem to stop us from eating wings every chance we get. it wasn't until we went to the pool that we realized how bad off we were. rob got out of the shower and said “i’m just fat”. i laughed because he is; but so am i. 

i’ve always heard about people getting “big” after marriage. apparently this is normal and attributed to being happy? it starts with your honeymoon, which for us was just a big glut fest. we ate dessert after breakfast, lunch and dinner all because it was free. then you return home only to spend most days laid up in the house nesting. eventually, you are a year in and realize “we’re fat”.  this realization has been a little hard to swallow. i guess i just never thought it would happen to us. last night i noticed that i had not one but two small back rolls; rob is skinny-fat and has a gut that i secretly think it’s cute. however, i can’t promise that i’ll feel the same way a year from now and vice versa.

the transition to marriage for us has not seamless. in fact we have struggled to develop a daily routine. most weeks we are ripping and running around and that type of lifestyle is not conducive for healthy eating and exercise. i’m not making excuses, but married life is so hectic. i often feel like i deserve a cheeseburger after long day of work, bill paying and life planning. the little time that i do have to myself is usually spent watching black*ish or fixer-upper. rob would much rather spend his evenings watching a game, reading stats from last week’s game, or talking trash to his boys about an upcoming game. see, we have more important thangs to do!             

the other night rob stood up and went on a rant about how he is going to get into the best shape of his life blah blah blah. i let him finish and then said, “so um, i guess you ain’t eating any of this talenti”? he said, “aw nah, i’m definitely eating some talenti.” we laughed and complained about how fat we are while eating our favorite talenti gelato.  lord please help us not to become the klumps. it’s going to take hard work a lot of energy that we don’t have to get back into shape, but it must be done. We owe it to ourselves and each other to be good stewards of our bodies. 


Unknown said...

Dear Lord, why is this me right now? We moved to Dubai about a month after getting married, and let me tell you something, there is no winning in the war against Arabic food. New job, new environment, new marriage - of course we put on weight!
It wasn't until I showed a coworker a photo of myself from a couple of years ago (literally only 2 years ago) and he asked if it was really me and responded 'wow, so thin' - that I really how truly bad its gotten.
Alright, about to hit send on this comment and hit the gym!

EspouseBlog said...

Haha... take heart, you are not alone Dominique! I've experienced the picture comparison scenario quite a few times. You hit the nail on the head: "New job, new environment, new marriage" = weight gain. Thank you SO much for reading, I'm even more motivated to whip into shape!!

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