Flashback Friday: Philadelphia

philadelphia is such a beautiful city, and just so happens to be the place my husband was born and raised. he grew up in the mt. airy/ germantown area, a historic part of the city that’s known for its cobble stone roads, tree-lined streets and eclectic mix of people. to say that rob is a proud philadelphian would be an understatement of epic proportion. he makes it his business to let any and everyone know where he’s from (this includes but is not limited to uber drivers, plane passengers, greeters at church, gas station attendees, cashiers etc).  i bought him a philadelphia sweater for his birthday and he’s worn it at least twice this summer despite the heat.

he can’t help himself, the man loves where he’s from and i can’t blame him.  i remember reading omar tyree’s “fly girl’ as a pre-teen and imagining what it would be like to walk the same streets as tracy. i never would have imagined that years later i would fall in love in that city. while i consider myself to be an honorary “philly jawn”, you probably wont find me downtown moving and shaking. i usually spend most of my time eating cheesesteaks, slurping water ice and visiting family. however my most favorite thing to do is take a stroll down germantown avenue in chestnut hill. we usually stop and grab a bite to eat at green soul, rob switches it up but i always get their salmon blt wrap and a green smoothie.  we visited last month and although we only had a few days in town we made sure to make our way to our favorite part of town. check out some of pixels from our visit:


Anonymous said...

LOVE these photos! Take me to Philly!!! :)

EspouseBlog said...

@NIKKI thanks girly!! 💓

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