Love Is In Your Face: Robert's BIRTHDAY POST TO TAMRA

editor's note: today is tamra's birthday! her husband rob and i worked together to surprise her with a post from him. happy birthday tamra! enjoy!

if you are like my wife (tam) and know every line and scene from the show "martin", then you have heard this title before: "love is in your face."

as i found out through my wife, this was the title of the most popular two part episode in the show's history. in this episode, martin proposes to gina with the help of their friends pam, tommy, and cole (with brian mcknight providing the vocals). so naturally, because i knew my wife loved martin so much, i decided to reenact this scene with the help of our friends when i asked tam to marry me.  although our version was a little low budget, we killed it and she loved it!  btw: if you don't believe me, we have a video to prove it!

why i am mentioning all of this? well, if you know my wife well, have ever gotten an opportunity to meet her or get to do so in the future, then you will know that something about the "love in her face" that has an infectious way of making people volunteer to do things like make complete fools of themselves -of which i am most guilty. whether it's her beautiful smile, laugh, vibrant spirit, passion for life or "ride or die" loyalty for others, tam is just one of those people you can't help but love.

so today, not just because it's her birthday (okay, maybe that prompted it a little) i was compelled to take a moment to express my love and appreciation for her. feel free to do the same with me in the comments below.

i love you, mrs. gibson.



KL Burd said...

Happy Birthday Tam!!! Here's to many more great years.

Anonymous said...

You da best!

Velva Block said...

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