i never expected married life to be so busy and productive.  i can remember being single and getting very frustrated with my married friend's unavailability. it just seemed like they were always having to pencil me in, unlike before when our time together was spontaneous and easy going. when meagan got married i gave her such hard time for being a good wife; i'd literally try and guilt her into spending time with me. when she and vince were dating the three of us hung out all the time, but after they were married they always seemed to be doing something responsible. it didn't take long before i understood the grind. married life isn't as easy to organize as single life. it's much more complicated to fit someone else's schedule and routine into your own. now i'm the married chick who has to pencil in girl time, dinner and even workouts. 

i especially miss lazy sundays, the ones that included: brunch with my girls, shopping, long naps, and hours of netflix. now, sundays are much more productive and i hate it!!! rob and i compare calendars, discuss finances, i do laundry, clean the house and assist rob with cooking three meals for the upcoming week. it's awful (for me anyway). rob loves it, and in an effort to compromise has suggested on numerous occasions that we do a few of the big things on saturdays. i politely explained to him that i have no dealings with productivity on saturday mornings, afternoons or evenings...amen. i'm usually so worn out from the work week and grad school that all i want to do is sleep in. come back to me lazy sundays "i miss youuuuuu" * que aaron hall*.

today i washed and folded five loads of clothes and all i could think about was how good it would feel to get in bed and sleep. i know that not all single people get to be unproductive on sundays and not all married couples are meal prepping or budgeting. there are some married couples who use sunday evenings to unwind and relax before the hustle and bustle of the upcoming week. but when you're having a pity party (which i am) you convince yourself that you are the only person who has responsibilities. i'm assuming that tomorrow i'll be happy that i got so much done, but right now im exhausted. anyway, gotta go, duty calls and by "duty" i mean the dishes. 

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