Print and Pixels: Weekend

last week was quite hectic so we were looking forward to having some down time with friends on saturday. vince's best friend and his wife came in town to visit. there are a few reasons why having visitors is great: funny stories, exploring your own city and an excuse to buy better towels. seriously, we love living this life with our friends and it was nice to bounce stories about marriage around.

this weekend we hit up the usual austin suspects: town lake, the capitol, and the domain. vince and i used to kayak a lot more than we do now, so it was nice to get back out there. although, this time i had to do my own rowing because vince was in a single while i was in a double with our little sister. she and i both aren't used to rowing, but we made it y'all.

we also went to the 360 bridge overlook, which i have not done in the almost 11 years that i have been here. no one told me about the intense walk up and walk down. for some reason i expected there to be stairs...or maybe an elevator. the view from the top is phenomenal! we didn't stay long because texas heat is nothing to play with, but we were glad we got to experience it.

here are some more pixels from this weekend:

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