trust who i trust

i remember having a conversation with vince about wanting a bike. i had been talking about it for a while, but i told him that i wanted to go ahead and buy it. he mentioned waiting to get it but said that we could just buy one that day. i told him that tamra picked hers up the day before and he replied "oh so you have to go ahead and get yours now i guess." the man just gets me. i mean, who else would tamra ride with? 

it made me think about how lucky i am that vince and tam hit it off. from the very beginning, they just clicked and when i was being difficult, she always took his side. he would buy me chocolates and she would eat them. he would find out and it was fine. she would help him plan stuff (like the engagement) and he would need her there to run the show. that was fine too. i would tell him that i needed to talk to her about something that i would tell no one else and that was always fine. now when i want an opinion outside of his on something private, he will say "just ask tamra" and keep it in the family. then rob came along and we clicked too. we bonded over a surprise birthday trips, i trusted him with my friend and i knew he trusted me. he understands that tam might let stuff out with me that she wouldn't otherwise and he's fine with it. everything is fine. 

truth is, tamra and rob are family to us both. i know that our spouses trust us and i think it is so important that they trust who we trust. and because i think it's just unrealistic to go through life and never share anything about your relationship, this is especially important. i know that people always say not to talk about your relationship with anyone, but i just don’t think that’s possible or healthy. there are times when tamra can tell me something that vince has said a thousand times and i just get it. now, i do not share things about my relationship with everyone  (that would be unwise), but it helps a whole lot to be able to bounce things off of friends. i personally think relationships thrive in community and that having a safe place to ramble is needed. we have been blessed to have lots of friends to do this life with whom we trust, respect and can be vulnerable with. 

as important as it is that v trust who i trust, i think it's important that tamra and trust his character and is nonjudgmental. i know that she will give me sound advice and that she will not have a different opinion of him. in fact, tam could attempt to take my side some of the time. she thinks vince can do no wrong. same thing goes for rob with me. she knows that i'm not going to talk sideways or view him any differently. most of the time, i see it his way and she sees it vince's way. let's just say that tam is more like vince and i am more like rob. 

all of this to say that we just get each other and i love this little family we have. 


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