our own ruthless trust

warning: this post may seem like a humblebrag. that is not my intention, but it is my intention to be honest about our awesome july and my amazing husband. apologies in advance.

one day last month, we had a big week. six months of vince’s hardwork (and a smidgen of mine) came together that week. caution: grown up speak ahead.

we refinanced both of our homes that week. i cannot tell you how every detail works or how we even got here, but what i know is that it is a good financial move. it allows us to have more of our payments actually go to the mortgage. it was a complicated process for us, but we had a great lender that endured months of endless questions and emails to help us. we had only been in this house for a year and we didn't know much about refinancing. we started getting notices in the mail, vince did some research and he figured out that it would be a good option, so we went for it. 

what i am most proud of is that vince did not give up because Lord knows i did not make it easy. there were several times throughout the process that I asked to quit. i yelled and pouted a few times about how unfair having to do this was and how he had gone too far. yes, grown people have temper tantrums too because adulting is hard y'all. he was steady, determined and tenacious even until the last minute. most of the time he didn’t clap back and instead used a gentle answer to reduce my wrath. he explained that this was going to be better in the long run and asked me to trust him. 

trust him. that’s a theme for our marriage. there are so many times we just have to trust each other, but at all times we have to trust Him. it's the same type of trust that was required when we offered on our now home without seeing it or pictures of it (another blog for another day). or on deeper issues when there is no certainty of the outcome. one of my favorite quotes was in Brennan Manning's book Ruthless Trust and is from Mother Teresa  “I have never had clarity; what I have always had is trust.” i plan to blow this up and put it in our bedroom. we never know the full picture and oftentimes we don’t always understand each other’s motives, but not once has trusting vince led me astray. that’s not to say we haven’t taken some bruises or that things have always gone as planned. actually, they rarely go as planned but they always seem to work out. we aren't always sure of what to expect around the next corner, but i know for certain that we will leap, hand in hand.

so today i am grateful for a husband that lives boldly and requires deep trust. today was a good day! <cue Ice Cube> 

Comment here  and tell us about your ruthless trust. 


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Anonymous said...

Ugh... so much mushy-ness. :) Im happy y'all are back!! Whooo-hoo! Go finances.

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