a few months ago rob and i discovered a shared hobby: bike riding. not to be mistaken with cycling, which requires that you wear a spandex onesie and lock your feet into your bike pedals. we prefer to cruise; we usually stop riding when one of us begins breathing too heavily. this discovery was a big deal because the busyness of life naturally separates us from one another. too often you’ll find me on the couch pinterest-ing while rob is in the other room watching espn highlights. that said, we have been intentional about doing new things together. i took a week off from work last month and we planned a ton of activities. the list included picnicking, tennis, hanging pictures and a number of other random things. however, we were most excited about the critical mass (cm) bike ride.  we found out about this ride several months ago when we stumbled upon a group of cm riders downtown yelling “happy friday” to folks on the street. at the time we were desperately missing texas and for some reason their kind greetings provided a little slice of austin in kansas city. 

our first ride with cm will definitely be the most memorable because of the hilarious and terrifying  things we experienced. we met a man who's entire outfit consisted of a red speedo and cowboy boots. we befriended a few old heads who jammed r. kelly’s entire 12 play album while we cruised, and a cool white dude with the 10ft bike who sang along to r. kelly’s entire album. i can’t forget the woman  who treated us like family and just so happened to be drinking beer out of a fish bowl. or the lady who let us eat fried catfish at her card table while the group rested. things got really interesting when we were left behind because we were eating fried catfish instead of paying attention. we ended up riding our bikes through the hood, by then it was dark and we had no idea where we were. oh yea, and THEN i was chased by a pitbull (yes, this actually happened). overall, we had the besst time that we have had since moving to KC and it was even more enjoyable because we were on this crazy ride together!

we never did any of those other things on our list, and honestly we don’t regret it. check out a few of the pixels below:

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