Self Care Chronicles: Visit Your Friends

NOTE: Self care is essential. On the blog, I plan to share what I do to restore myself from time to time. 

After the election, Vince and I snuck away for the weekend to visit Tamra and Robert in Kansas. Originally, it was a birthday trip for me and a getaway trip for him after a tough election season. After the traumatic election of Donald Trump, it turned into a decompression-what do I do with these emotions-is laughter still a thing-trip.

In a rudimentary way, I thought Kansas was full of fields with bails of hay. One would think I would not be so simplistic in my thinking seeing how most people think Texans ride horses to work and wear cowboy hats everywhere. Kansas was a lot more city than I expected and was really beautiful in the fall. I was determined to take a picture with the colorful leaves since we almost never see this in Texas.

Vince and I arrived for our short stay on my birthday, which was on a Friday this year. Weekend birthdays are the best. We got in the car and the laughter started immediately as Tamra lamented about the fact that our plane arrived early and she was going to be on time. The early plane had made her late to pick us up and she was determined to show me that she had been cured of her chronic lateness. We made a quick stop to grab a burger for Vince and headed to her house where Rob was waiting. Rob had some big important medical school test thingy coming up, so he didn't get to go out with us. Responsibility is overrated. 

All three of us love real estate and looking at homes. It is borderline obsession. As we drove to and through her neighborhood, she pointed out all of the amazing homes and we remarked about the beauty of each one. And I mean these houses were beautiful ya’ll. They weren’t cookie cutter and each had it’s own character. I could actually see myself living there. I wish I had pictures, but we were too busy taking it in with our mouths gaped open. Tamra’s house was no different. We loved everything about it, their minimalist and intentional style and felt right at home. Hopefully she will do the blog post about her house that I have been begging for since forever. 

The first day we did a quick photo shoot so Tamra could flex her photography muscle and we could get some photos for our Christmas card BEFORE Christmas this year. Vince and I are not the easiest photography subjects as we slide between cheesy and forced. So the photos Tamra created are a true testament to her skill. After the photo shoot, we checked out Pizzareria Locale and it was amaze. Vince and I do not go anywhere, and I mean anywhere, without eating pizza. We also did some shopping at The Plaza, the local shopping center. I hate shopping, but Tamra loves it so she picked out everything for me.

The rest of the weekend, we really just did some hardcore relaxing. Tamra and I cooked an elaborate breakfast on Saturday while the boys watched football. We sung, vented, shared stories about our men and danced while we cooked. Needless to say, we were tired after. We took a much needed nap and finally went out to explore at the ripe time of 4 pm. We went to the Nelson-Atkins museum of art and loved it. I thank God for a husband who loves museums as much (really more) than me. We topped the day off with a delicious meal at Urban Table. I enjoyed the decor and ambience as much as the food. 

This was a simple trip spent connecting with our family. Simple things made it so perfect: going in the refrigerator and eating whatever I wanted without asking, not having to worry about how my hair looked, wearing my silk bonnet at all times at home, effortlessly laughing at all the same things, not having to wear any masks the entire weekend and learning that laughter was indeed still a thing. It is so important to have people and places where all of you, whoever you may be at that time, is accepted. That’s when real rest is possible and Lord knows we needed some real rest.

Photocred: Lots of the pictures were taken by Tamra. All of the good ones are hers. :)


Melanglow said...

Yay! I've been waiting for a blog update. My birthday is Saturday and I hope it's equally relaxing.

EspouseBlog said...

Hi Melanglow, Yeahhhh about that. I'm sorry that it has been so long. I am going to try to blog more in this new year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tomorrow! I hope it is amazing and you get some real relaxation. Thank you for reading!

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