her name is tamra. her name is meagan. we were born to be friends.  we are both mildly motivated (the completion of this blog seemed impossible!), we’re storytellers, and good laugh enthusiasts. meagan loves porkchops, now and laters, and a good home movie night (introverts unite). tamra is the life of the party, she thinks martin is the best show ever created in the history of everdom. she enjoys pinterest-ing, people watching; and is a sucker for good sangin’. We are semi-newlyweds, our husbands obviously had no choice but to become good friends.

there were several reasons we decided to start this blog: we wanted a different outlet than our excessive text messaging to chronicle our daily lives, random stories, inside jokes and various ramblings on topics of interest. if you wonder what the heck espouse has to do with all of this, here is the definition: to adopt, to embrace, as for cause. we hope to adopt/embrace a different perspective on life, not one of perfection, but of two people authentically navigating life, making mistakes and pushing forward. This blog gives us a space to be who we naturally are, friends and storytellers. we think it would be cool one day to look back on this virtual time capsule and remember the times<cue MJ>

so here we go: two sister-friends, writing about our lives, hoping to build a lil community on the interwebs, and sharing way too much information along the way. thanks for joining us.

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Top two images photo credit: Temi Coker


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